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When you hear the word “braces,” you probably think of bulky metal brackets adorned with elastic bands. Or visiting the orthodontist frequently to have your braces tightened. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore, especially with Damon™ Ultima™ Braces. The Damon bracket offers several unique advantages over traditional braces, and can lead to outstanding treatment outcomes for many types of malocclusions.

At San Diego Smile Pros, we’re excited to offer this very comfortable, modern bracket option. While we still work with traditional braces for certain types of cases, Damon braces are an excellent choice for those patients that need a broader, wider smile.. They use passive self-ligation (which we will explain below) for less friction and fewer office visits over the course of your treatment. How is this possible?

Keep reading to discover how our Damon Ultima braces compare to conventional braces.


What Are Damon Braces?

Some may say that Damon braces are the answer to many of the inconveniences associated with conventional treatment. Damon braces are fitted just like regular braces but use self-ligating technology to straighten your smile. That means that there is a built in “door” on each bracket instead of the traditional elastic ties that hold the wire in place.

This results in a lower friction, less sore, easier to clean experience that may require fewer in-office visits. Our board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Durschlag, can use the Damon braces to treat overcrowding, crooked teeth, spacing and all types of malocclusion, including crossbites, overbites and underbites.

One of the best advantages to Damon braces are their ability to produce broader smiles than traditional braces. The Damon braces do a terrific job at creating a broad-arch smile that reduces the appearance of dark spaces at your mouth corners, improving your facial balance and contributing to a more youthful appearance!

What does self-ligating mean?

Self-ligating braces use specialized doors to hold the wires of your braces in place. In other words, Damon braces use built-in components to hold the wire, so there is no need for ligatures (metal or elastic ties) like you see in conventional braces.

The lower friction that the doors allow for make the wires move freely and, thus, allow the teeth to rapidly shift into the proper position. It also can allow for more treatment comfort as the wires are extremely gentle.

The gentle force exerted by Damon braces not only creates more efficient tooth movements, but it also improves oral health by preserving tooth roots. Lighter force in orthodontic treatment prevents root resorption and undue gum recession.

A common question we hear is about distinguishing the difference between self-ligating braces and Damon braces. The answer is simple – they are the same thing! Damon braces are an industry-leading brand of self-ligating braces and the Damon Ultima System is its most advanced iteration yet.

Benefits Of Damon Ultima Braces:

Better oral hygiene

The elastics and ties on traditional braces can easily trap bacteria, plaque and food. Since Damon brackets have a built-in door without ties, there’s one less place for particles to get trapped, making oral hygiene easier.

More comfortable

The wires move more freely and with less friction with Damon braces. Plus, the shape-memory archwires are designed to exert light force. Damon braces also have smoother brackets, which are less likely to irritate your cheeks, tongue and lips.


Because your teeth move for several weeks longer between appointments with self-ligating braces, you need fewer adjustments and fewer office visits. When you visit our bright, breezy office, your appointment will be quick and easy since Dr. Durschlag won’t need to change your elastics.

More efficient, saves time

Damon clear braces eliminate some of the mechanical inefficiencies and friction caused by traditional braces. Treatment with self-ligating braces is often shorter, because the alignment of the teeth tends to correct more quickly than it does with traditional braces

Creates beautiful, broad smiles

Damon Ultima System braces feature reengineered bracket slots and archwires that give Dr. Durschlag even more control over tooth movements, especially when correcting rotated teeth and smile expansion, than earlier generations of Damon braces. He’s able to achieve exceptional results in children, teens and adults with cases ranging from mild to complex.

How Fast Do Damon Braces Work?

Everyone’s teeth are different, so each patient’s orthodontic journey is unique. With that said, Damon braces are proven to require fewer appointments and may provide faster treatment than traditional braces.

Damon braces can typically take weeks or even months off the duration of your treatment due to features like shape-memory wires, light force and passive self-ligation.

Since the braces require few adjustments and you can go longer between check-ups, you’ll spend less time at the orthodontist and more time enjoying what you love!

How Much Do Damon Braces Cost?

The cost of Damon braces is comparable to both traditional braces and Invisalign aligners. However, the complexity of your case and specific treatment plan determines your exact cost.

If you have dental insurance with orthodontic coverage, it will reduce how much you pay out of pocket. At San Diego Smile Pros, we accept most PPO insurances. We also offer flexible financing options, including interest-free payment plans, so you can pay for treatment over time.

To find out if your insurance will help cover the cost of braces in San Diego, call or text our office at (619) 291-5266 for details.

Damon braces near me!

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