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Dental 3D Printing San Diego

We create ultra-precise, custom appliances in less time thanks to our in-office 3D printer.

Orthodontics San Diego

3D-printed appliances made right here in San Diego

At San Diego Smile Pros, we harness technology to streamline patient care and create better results. One of our favorite tools that helps us do that is our in-office 3D printer. It gives our orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Durschlag, complete control over the process of creating custom appliances, including clear retainers, mouthguards and indirect bonding trays. For patients, it means a faster turnaround and a perfect fit.

How Does 3D Printing Work?

Using digital scanning and software, Dr. Durschlag creates a computerized 3D model of your mouth or appliance. 3D printing technology translates this into a printed model. The model is placed in a vacuum forming machine along with medical-grade, clear, BPA-free plastic to fabricate your custom appliance. Finally, we trim and polish it, and it’s all yours!

3D Printer

Benefits Of
3D Printer

High Resolution

The 3D printer we have at our office is exceptionally accurate and has a high resolution. This means top quality appliances with the perfect fit and excellent aesthetics.

Fast Turnaround

No more waiting for a third-party lab to fabricate appliances and ship them from overseas. Making retainers and mouthguards in the office creates a quicker turnaround and a smaller carbon footprint.

3D Printer


3D printing lets us replace a lost retainer ASAP or modify treatment on the fly for fantastic outcomes and improved efficiency.

Better Control

The entire process of designing, printing and fabricating custom appliances is overseen by our board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Durschlag. This ensures every appliance meets his standards.

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