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3D CBCT San Diego

This cutting-edge imaging solution helps Dr. Durschlag design next-level smiles.

Orthodontics San Diego

Views for days, results for life

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), is an imaging tool that lets us visualize all of your dental and facial structures, down to the finest anatomical details, in 3D. Dr. Durschlag can see things that weren’t possible in the past, including the joint space, nerves, sinuses and tooth roots. This helps him plan your treatment from every angle and create a truly custom smile that’s in harmony with your profile, lips, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), airway and facial features.

How Does 3D CBCT Imaging Work?

You’ll sit down in an open area while the scanner rotates around your head, recording hundreds of different x-rays views in less than a minute. The technology stitches together the 2D image slices to create incredible 3D images. Dr. Durschlag uses your 3D scans to create an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan aimed at maximizing your appearance, health and function.


Benefits Of

Very Comfortable

You won’t have to chomp down on bitewings or hold still in an enclosed space. The comfortable scan is taken while you’re seated in the open.


3D CBCT imaging captures a 360° view of your teeth, jaw and surrounding areas in under a minute. The scans are transmitted to our screen almost instantly.



Dr. Durschlag will be able to see your facial and dental structures and their spatial relationships to one another in 3D. This visual information is key to creating a completely customized smile.


CBCT imaging not only helps Dr. Durschlag plan the safest, most efficient tooth movements, it also exposes you to less radiation than conventional CT scans or a traditional orthodontic series of x-rays.

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