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Pediatric Tooth
Extraction San Diego

When a child’s tooth needs to be extracted, Dr. Hayes makes the procedure quick, safe and stress-free.

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Efficient, effective and gentle

At San Diego Smile Pros, we always try to save a child’s natural tooth. But, sometimes, an extraction is the best course of action. The good news is that tooth extractions in kids are generally easier than they are in adults. Plus our team uses advanced technology and techniques and offers gentle sedation options to ensure the process is as quick and comfortable as possible.

When Does a Child Need a Tooth Extraction?

Our San Diego pediatric dentist might recommend a tooth extraction if:

  • There is an abscess, or infection, under the tooth
  • The tooth is too severely decayed or damaged to be fixed with a filling or dental crown
  • A baby tooth is refusing to budge on its own and is preventing the permanent tooth below it from erupting
  • It’s needed prior to orthodontic treatment to alleviate excessive crowding or other issues
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Tooth Extractions

What Happens During a Kid’s Tooth Extraction?

Dr. Hayes will tell your child what will happen in age-appropriate terms and show them any instruments she’ll be using, which helps reduce anxiety. If needed, we can also offer dental sedation. Next, she’ll apply topical anesthetic, so your child won’t feel much when she injects the local anesthesia.

Once your child is relaxed and completely numb, Dr. Hayes will use a special tool to gently detach the tooth from the socket and remove it from their mouth. She’ll finish up by giving you post-operative instructions that will encourage optimal healing and minimal discomfort.

Benefits Of
Tooth Extractions

Dental Crowns
Relieves pain

If your child’s tooth was causing them discomfort, as soon as the tooth is removed, the pain will go away.

Stops infection

Extracting an infected or severely decayed tooth will eliminate the infection and stop it from spreading.

Preserves alignment

In some cases, a tooth extraction will maintain tooth alignment or allow misalignment to be successfully treated.

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