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Kids Dental
Exams San Diego

Dental exams are the cornerstone of prevention. Our team makes these wellness visits fun!

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Keeping kids’ smile development on track

Visiting a pediatric dentist for a comprehensive exam every six months, starting at age 1, is a key step towards lifelong smile health. Routine dental exams get kids comfortable with going to the dentist. They also let Dr. Hayes evaluate the health and development of their teeth, jaws and gums, create a personalized cavity prevention plan and detect issues as early as possible for less invasive, easier treatment.

Comprehensive Exam

Our seasoned patients get to hop right on up in the dentist’s chair by themselves. A team member will take low-dose digital x-rays, if needed. Then the hygienist will perform a cleaning and Dr. Hayes will thoroughly examine your child. She uses behavioral techniques to make it an interactive, squirm-free experience.

She’ll talk with you and your child about any findings, discuss what’s next in your child’s smile development and share personalized recommendations. After answering any questions you have, she’ll send your child off to pick a prize.

Dental Exams
Dental Exams

Baby Dental Exams

For babies and toddlers, we keep the first appointment short and sweet. Depending on your child and their age, we may have them sit on your lap during the visit. These early exams are mainly geared towards familiarizing your child with the dental environment and getting to know your family a bit.

Our pediatric dentist will explain what she’s going to do and demonstrate any tools she’ll be using. Once your kiddo is relaxed, she’ll quickly check your child’s teeth, gums and jaw. If possible, we may also do a quick cleaning. Finally, we’ll give you the basics about dental care, answer questions and let your child choose a prize.

Benefits Of
Kids Dental Exams

Dental Crowns

Starting routine dental visits early helps kids build rapport and trust with the dentist and our team. This makes it more likely they’ll keep up with routine care throughout their life.

Promotes healthy teeth and gums

Dental exams are crucial for ensuring kids’ oral health and development stay on track. The dentist also educates you on how to care for your child’s smile at every stage.


Visiting the dentist every six months ensures we can detect issues early, allowing for easier, more affordable, less invasive treatment.

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