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Dentistry San Diego

Pediatric dentistry focuses exclusively on the unique oral health needs of infants, children and teens.

Orthodontics San Diego

Expert pediatric dentist in San Diego, CA

Because pediatric dentistry is one of the recognized dental specialties (just like orthodontics!), pediatric dentists like Dr. Kristy Hayes must attend two to three years of specialty training in a residency program after dental school. During their residency, they gain expertise in treating infants, children and teens, including those with special healthcare needs. In addition to a deep understanding of growing smiles, pediatric dentists are well versed in behavior management techniques too.

From using kid-friendly terms to singing songs, Dr. Hayes knows how to put kids at ease. Yet, if needed, she is also trained and licensed in administering safe dental sedation.

Read on to learn more or schedule a visit for your child with our board-certified pediatric dentist in San Diego today!

Preventive and Diagnostic

With a full range of preventive and diagnostic services, we help kids stay cavity-free.

Restorative and Cosmetic

Using modern techniques and materials, Dr. Hayes can restore your child’s smile painlessly and efficiently.


Get the scoop on all things pediatric dentistry from sedation options to handling emergencies.

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