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When you look at your smile in the mirror, do you see just a few slightly crooked teeth? Or maybe you had orthodontics in the past but now some teeth have relapsed or moved back? You’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to undergo lengthy, multi-year braces treatment or high-cost Invisalign treatment to straighten just a few teeth or close some gaps.

At San Diego Smile Pros, we offer smile touch-ups with limited Invisalign treatment — for both adults and teens. It’s a quick, affordable, and effective solution that targets only specific teeth and not your entire arch or bite.

What Is Invisalign® Limited Orthodontic Treatment?

Comprehensive braces or Invisalign treatment shifts and straightens all your teeth, and if needed, positions your jaws into a well-aligned bite. But limited orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is designed for very mild cases and is especially useful for those who have had braces or Invisalign in the past and only need minor corrections.

Because limited treatment is more streamlined and addresses small issues, fewer aligners are necessary and the length of treatment is shorter. At San Diego Smile Pros, all treatment comes with Dr. Durschlag’s board-certified orthodontic diagnosis and oversight, despite the seemingly small amount of correction needed. This ensures that no detail is missed, the bite is unaffected, and your outcome is outstanding.

What Exactly Does Limited Invisalign Treatment Fix?

Patients interested in limited Invisalign treatment often seek to straighten their teeth for cosmetic reasons. They have only one or a few slightly crooked or spaced out teeth which don’t affect chewing and biting abilities, speaking, or breathing. What orthodontic issues does our limited Invisalign treatment option fix?

Typically, patients want limited treatment because they exhibit:

  • Minor teeth shifting
  • Minor crowding or overlapping of front teeth, bottom or top
  • Slightly tipped or rotated teeth
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Shifting after past orthodontic treatment

How Long Does Invisalign Take For These Mild Cases?

Limited orthodontic treatment for a few slightly crooked teeth is much faster than comprehensive treatment that addresses the entire mouth and bite. For many patients, San Diego Smile Pros orthodontist, Dr. Durschlag, can straighten teeth with limited treatment in as little as six to nine months or less. Because every smile is unique, however, the length of each patient’s personalized treatment plan depends on their specific needs.

Who Doesn’t Qualify For Limited Invisalign Treatment?

Sometimes patients come into our San Diego office thinking they only need limited treatment. But once we’ve examined their teeth and bite, it’s evident they would benefit from comprehensive Invisalign or braces instead.

Patients who wouldn’t qualify for limited Invisalign include those who need a wider arch to relieve crowding, a dental implant or bridge for a gap, or have an overbite, underbite or crossbite. In these cases, you’re in expert hands: Dr. Durschlag is a board-certified orthodontist and a Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider which means he has extensive experience with complex Invisalign treatment.

He’s also a well-regarded San Diego orthodontist often referred to by San Diego dentists for his success in treating complex cases. So whether you need a smile touch-up or comprehensive Invisalign, you can move forward with confidence, knowing your orthodontist is a San Diego Invisalign expert.

Renew Smile With Limited Invisalign Treatment In San Diego

Ready to enhance your smile with limited Invisalign? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Durschlag and San Diego Smile Pros, your experienced, specialist Invisalign team.

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