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White Spot

Icon® Caries Infiltrant painlessly stops early cavities and reduces the appearance of white spots.

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A non-invasive solution for white spots

White spots on the teeth, also called white spot lesions or cariogenic white spots, are areas where minerals were lost from the enamel. This is usually caused by the onset of tooth decay or a condition called fluorosis. Thankfully, San Diego Smile Pros has a minimally invasive, drill-free way to treat white spots in a single visit: Icon Caries Infiltrant.

Who Gets White Spots?

Since white spots are usually the first sign of tooth decay, they can strike at any time and, if not treated, progress into cavities. Anyone can experience them. That said, it’s not uncommon for white spots to appear after braces treatment if plaque accumulated around the brackets. Kids with fluorosis, a condition caused by too much fluoride in early childhood, may also develop stains on their enamel.

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How Does White Spot Treatment Work?

Icon Caries Infiltrant is a highly fluid resin. Our San Diego pediatric dentist prepares your child’s damaged tooth with an etching gel before applying the infiltrant and letting it cure under a light. The resin painlessly enters the tooth’s pore system, which stops tooth decay from progressing, prevents cavity-casing acids from penetrating and blends the white spots in with the healthy enamel, masking their appearance. While the cosmetic benefits are important, the technique also preserves the structure and health of the tooth.

Benefits Of
White Spot Lesions

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White spot treatment with Icon works immediately and the procedure is fast, simple and only takes a single visit.

Minimally invasive and painless

No drilling, anesthesia or shots are needed. The treatment doesn’t hurt at all and is well tolerated by patients of all ages.

Excellent results

Icon infiltrant preserves tooth structure and makes the white spots visually match the healthy enamel.

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