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Propel® VPro™ makes treatment more comfortable and may help you see your new smile sooner.

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A small device with big benefits

Want to get straight teeth and a healthy bite but worried orthodontic treatment will take a long time or be painful? Meet VPro, a small, take-home device designed to make braces and Invisalign® treatment more comfortable and efficient when used for just five minutes per day.

How Does VPro Work?

You bite down on the mouthpiece of the hands-free device and it generates painless, high-frequency vibrations. The vibrations work on a mechanical and biological level to:

  • Accelerate tooth movements
  • Potentially decrease treatment time
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Promote optimal aligner seating
  • Improve predictability
  • Help with retainer wear
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Benefits Of
Propel VPRO


You’ll use your VPro for only five minutes per day from the comfort of home. The device is hands-free, so it won’t get in the way.


The vibrational treatment aid is simple to use. You can connect it with the VPro app to track usage and easily share results with your doctor.


Reduces Discomfort

Patients who use VPro with their clear aligners or braces report less discomfort. This can give you a better orthodontic experience.

Accelerates Treatment

By kicking the natural process of bone remodeling into high gear and helping clear aligners fit properly, VPro may make your treatment faster.

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