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Invisalign San Diego

In the hands of a specialist, Invisalign is a powerful smile-perfecting tool.

Orthodontics San Diego

We’re the go-to San Diego Invisalign® provider

Orthodontics is about more than just straight teeth; it also focuses on the overall bite, function and harmony of the teeth, jaws and chewing muscles. Unfortunately, not all Invisalign providers have the experience to take the bigger picture into account and correct more than just minor problems.

As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Matthew Durschlag completed extensive specialty training, giving him the knowledge and expertise to treat any case that can be treated with braces with clear aligners. In fact, he has successfully treated thousands of San Diego Invisalign patients. Whatever your orthodontic concerns, he can help you get an amazing, health-promoting smile with a custom Invisalign treatment plan.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is comfortable, convenient and discreet. Dr. Durschlag creates a precise virtual treatment plan based on your unique dental and facial anatomy. The Invisalign lab translates his prescribed tooth movements into a series of custom, removable clear aligners. As you wear your aligners, they exert steady, gentle pressure that shifts your teeth into place. With each new tray, your new smile gradually takes shape.

How Invisalign works

All Cases Are Invisalign Cases

Have significant bite issues? Dr. Durschlag is known in the area for tackling complex orthodontic issues with Invisalign. Just need a cosmetic touch-up? We offer limited Invisalign treatment too.

Benefits Of
Invisalign Treatment

What is Invisalign?
Comfortable and convenient

There are no brackets and wires that can cause irritation and you can brush, floss, eat and drink as you normally do. You’ll also spend less time in the orthodontist’s chair, because check-ups are quick and less frequent.


Dr. Durschlag will create a personalized treatment plan based on your smile and goals. You’ll get only the treatment you need, whether that’s comprehensive care or a few aligners to get you back on track.

Virtually invisible

Your Invisalign aligners will be crafted especially for your smile. When you slip the smooth, clear aligners over your teeth, they’ll be pretty much undetectable and give you the perfect fit.

The Invisalign Procedure
How Does Invisalign Work?

Step 1

Come in for a consultation

At this visit, we’ll take low-dose, digital x-rays and board-certified orthodontist Dr. Matthew Durschlag will perform a comprehensive exam. He’ll walk you through your diagnosis, chat with you about your concerns and goals, and provide you with his treatment recommendations. Finally, a team member will go over your Invisalign cost, insurance coverage and our financing options.

Step 2

Receive a custom treatment plan

We’ll take comfortable, quick digital dental impressions to create a virtual, 3D model of your mouth. Dr. Durschlag will plan your treatment on the computerized model, determining the precise path each individual tooth will take and creating ideal alignment from every angle. He’ll even show you a preview of your future smile using the Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

Step 3

Pick up your Invisalign aligners

The Invisalign lab will use 3D-printing technology to program a series of custom clear aligners with Dr. Durschlag’s planned tooth movements. When your aligners are ready, you’ll start wearing them for about 22 hours per day, only removing them to brush, floss, eat and drink.

Step 4

Wear new aligners every week

You’ll switch to the next Invisalign tray in your series every one to two weeks, depending on your treatment plan. While Invisalign doesn’t require adjustments, you’ll come in for a quick visit approximately every eight weeks, so Dr. Durschlag can keep tabs on your progress. Prefer fewer in-person checkups? Ask us about virtual checkups!

Step 5

Reveal and Maintain Your New Smile

When you take out your last set of Invisalign aligners, you’ll have perfectly straight teeth and a strong, stable bite. The first order of business will be celebrating your results! Then, to maintain your new smile for life, we’ll take one last set of digital impressions to create custom clear retainers for you.

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