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Special Needs
Dental Care

We specialize in delivering caring and accommodating dentistry that meets every child’s unique needs.

Orthodontics San Diego

Great smiles in a loving environment

At San Diego Smile Pros, we create individualized treatment plans that account for a child’s unique needs, personality, sensitivities, abilities, fears and strengths. Our team members, including board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Kristy Hayes, have extensive experience in helping kids with autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, ADHD and special health concerns get comfortable with going to the dentist and achieve amazing oral health.

A Research-Backed Approach

We have a program geared towards children with special healthcare needs, including autism spectrum disorders. Using a repetitive tasking approach, we familiarize your child with the dental office and teach them how to get the care they need. We start with small steps adapted to your child’s tolerance level, whether it’s merely sitting in the dentist’s chair or introducing them to some of our handy dandy instruments.

Research has found the technique is successful in building a sense of trust and rapport with the dentist. But parents can help too by practicing the skills we teach your little one at home. If your child has an IEP, we also encourage you to ask that oral care training be added as one of the self-help goals in the plan. This will encourage lifelong oral health.

Special Needs Dental Care

Our Technology Helps Too

Our San Diego orthodontics and pediatric dentistry office uses the latest digital technology. From quick digital scans instead of goopy impressions to fast digital x-rays, we make getting dental care more sensory-friendly.

Special Needs Dental Care

We’re Flexible

We can schedule your child’s appointment at the time that works best for them, whether that’s in the morning or in the afternoon when the office is quieter. And we’re always happy to break up longer visits into multiple shorter sessions if needed.

Your child will be seen in a super comfy, private treatment room complete with a TV in the ceiling and wireless headphones if they need a distraction. While Dr. Hayes is specially trained in behavioral management techniques to help kids relax, if necessary, she can also provide safe dental sedation.

Benefits Of
Special Needs Dental Care

Special Needs Dental Care
Tailored treatment

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Hayes receive specialty training in treating kids with special needs during their residency. They have the expertise to tailor care to each individual child.

Promotes A+ oral health

Regular dental care will keep your child’s smile healthy and strong. During visits, they’ll also learn how to practice excellent oral hygiene at home.

Makes future care easier

Getting comfortable with dental visits in childhood makes it easier for kids to keep up with preventive care for life. Additionally, we can detect problems early for less invasive treatment.

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