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Silver Diamine

Silver diamine fluoride treatment instantly stops tooth decay in its tracks. The safe, drill-free procedure is fast, painless and affordable.

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Putting the brakes on tooth decay

Silver diamine fluoride is a safe, quick, affordable solution to arrest caries, or tooth decay, in progress and prevent recurrence without using a drill or needles. The dentist simply paints a clear, antimicrobial liquid directly onto the cavity, which treats the decay, eliminates the pain and prevents it from spreading.

The drawback? The solution does permanently stain the cavity black, which is why we only usually use silver diamine fluoride on baby teeth or we camouflage it with a restoration.

Why Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment?

For a permanent tooth or even some primary teeth, removing decay and restoring the structure of the tooth is the best long-term option for a cavity. But there are instances where silver diamine fluoride is an excellent solution, including treating cavities in a:

  • primary tooth that will be falling out soon
  • primary molar or area that’s not highly visible when smiling
  • child who is young, fearful, medically compromised or has special needs that make it difficult to tolerate longer procedures
Silver Diamine Fluoride

Benefits Of
Silver Diamine Fluoride

Special Needs Dental Care

Silver diamine fluoride treatment is painless. We don’t need to drill, remove any tooth structure or use anesthesia, which means no needles!

Stops cavities and pain

The revolutionary treatment instantly stops tooth decay and pain and prevents decay from coming back or spreading to surrounding teeth.


The cost of silver diamine fluoride application is much less than the cost of conventional cavity treatment.

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