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Modern braces come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and prescriptions. Your orthodontist will typically recommend the proper type of braces for your individual case, but sometimes you’ll have multiple options. It’s important to be able to choose the type of braces that will yield the best results for your smile and align with your budget and lifestyle. At San Diego Smile Pros, we offer three, cutting-edge types of braces to ensure you or your child’s orthodontic experience is the highest quality possible:

  • Damon™ Ultima™ self-ligating braces

  • 3M™ Clarity™ Advanced clear braces

  • American Orthodontics Mini Master® traditional braces

Here’s a quick guide to the three different types of braces at our San Diego office:

Types of BracesDamon Ultima Self-Ligating Braces

What are Damon Ultima self-ligating braces? Simply put, they’re metal braces that don’t use colored elastics to hold the wire in place like traditional braces. Instead, self-ligating braces have a low-friction door that holds the wire in place and allows it to move freely. Each bracket door can be opened and closed to change the wires at your appointments. 

Damon Ultima self-ligating braces move teeth in a similar manner to traditional braces. However, there is a difference in the details. The shape of Damon Ultima brackets is designed to increase the movement efficiency between the wire and the bracket for more precision and comfort. And Damon Ultima wires have a rounded edge that complements the shape of the brackets for more precise tooth movement. It also allows for excellent control when broadening the smile.

The benefits of these self-ligating braces? They give your San Diego orthodontist the highest level of control over tooth movement. This translates into shorter treatment times and the best possible smile result. Dr. Durschlag often prefers self-ligating braces for patients who need a wider smile or to create space for crowded or crooked teeth. 

3M Clarity Advanced Clear Braces

The first thing you might notice about 3M Clarity Advanced clear braces is, well, you barely notice them. The brackets are made of a translucent ceramic that blends in with your smile.

These nearly-invisible braces shift teeth using the same mechanics as metal braces. The bonus? These particular ceramic braces are small but mighty, able to correct complex cases with the strength and durability of traditional metal braces but in a small, clear package.

The ceramic is superb at resisting staining and discoloration so you can maintain a barely-there look from the beginning of treatment to the end. The brackets are also low-profile with rounded corners, resulting in better comfort and less irritation on the cheeks and tongue.

Ceramic braces are popular with our teen and adult patients looking for a discreet appearance with the same amazing results at metal braces. These ceramic braces pair with a very thin wire to move your teeth to their final destination.

Modern metal braces with American Orthodontics’ Mini Master® braces

At first glance, these metal braces might look like what you’d expect. But look more closely and you’ll see that the brackets are a step up. Mini Master brackets are smaller and less bulky than the metal brackets that came before.

Mini Master metal braces move the teeth using a wire and colored ties. They give the option for an all silver or a colored braces look. These metal braces are extremely precise and consistently produce outstanding results. The Mini Master bracket tends to be the most affordable braces options we offer at our San Diego office.

Dr. Durschlag pairs Mini Master brackets with thin, shape-memory wires for streamlined metal braces that also feel more comfortable. And it goes without saying that many of our younger patients like choosing elastic colors that suit their style, favorite team, the season, or their mood.

Your San Diego Expert for Modern Braces

Board certified orthodontist, Dr. Durschlag, and the orthodontics team at San Diego Smile Pros are all about delivering personal service and exceptional smiles. Ready for adult orthodontics and trying to weigh Invisalign® vs braces? Or need orthodontics for your child? You can trust us to provide the highest level of care in the San Diego area.

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