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Early Orthodontic Care in San Diego, CA

Don’t wait until all of your child’s baby teeth fall out to see an orthodontist. For certain issues, that can be too late, which is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends kids have an orthodontic assessment by age 7. At San Diego Smile Pros, these growth and development check-ups are complimentary. At their visit, your child will:

  • Love our bright, fun office
  • Enjoy quick, painless digital diagnostics
  • Receive an exam from a board-certified orthodontist
  • Find out if early orthodontic treatment is needed

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Orthodontics San Diego

Well-timed orthodontic care for children can set them up for smile success

Were you advised to hold off on visiting an orthodontist until your child’s permanent teeth come in? Or perhaps you were told to wait and see if they outgrow a bite issue. If that’s the case, getting a second opinion from an orthodontist is in your child’s best interest. The truth is, it’s never too early to have a consultation and find out the next steps. At San Diego Smile Pros, we make these visits comfortable and stress-free.

While most kids won’t need early orthodontic treatment, if certain red flags are identified, our orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Durschlag, can guide your child’s jaw and facial growth, creating room for the permanent teeth to erupt properly. This proactive approach can have a huge impact on your child’s future oral health, function and appearance, while preventing the need for extensive treatment or jaw surgery down the road.

Meet The

Dr. Matthew Durschlag is a San Diego native who served as a dentist and officer in the United States Navy. He then went on to complete his specialty training in a highly competitive orthodontic residency program. He took the additional step of becoming board certified, which is the highest distinction in his field. Now, as a San Diego orthodontist, Dr. Durschlag is passionate about creating beautiful, healthy smiles using a technology-driven approach.

Meet Dr. Durschlag
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The Smile Pros Kids’ Club

This super exclusive, super fun club for kids is designed to make growth and development check-ups exciting. Kids will get an ID card and lanyard and earn pins for different smile milestones and achievements. Is your kiddo ready to join the club? Schedule a free evaluation with Dr. Durschlag today!

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Invisalign Treatment

Before Braces + Invisalign Treatment After Braces + Invisalign Treatment

Braces + Invisalign Treatment

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Financial Flexibility

We accept most PPO insurance plans and offer affordable, interest-free financing options for orthodontic treatment. Be sure to ask us about our sibling and military discounts too!

Fun and Family-Friendly

Our newly renovated office is pretty awesome. With private treatment rooms, ceiling-mounted TVs, a huge fish tank and beachy decor, the whole fam will feel right at home.


Whether you go for Invisalign or become our next San Diego braces patient, with our state-of-the-art treatment planning, your smile journey will be streamlined from start to finish.

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